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Software at its best

Founded in 2008, Sock Monkey Software creates quirky, fun, and useful software for your Mac. From games to utilities, our specialized software is sure to find a place in your heart and on your hard drive.

Keep an eye on us, because our code monkeys are always coming up with great new programs, and you'll always be able to find them right here!

Boss Blocker

We all get unexpected interruptions from time-to-time when we're using our computers. Whether surfing the web, watching a video, or playing a game, there always comes the time when we suddenly need to clear our screens from prying eyes. Boss Blocker is here to help!

Fortune Cookie

Everyone knows that fortune cookies are the best part of the meal when you get Chinese food, and now you don't even have to order takeout to satisfy your craving!

Whether you're looking for zen-like words of wisdom or numbers to play for the next big lottery game drawing, Lucky Fortune Cookie delivers that satisfying crunch without all the calories!

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